Beauty Matriarch Eunice Dudley Aids Community, Sees Change In Work Ethic

“Everything depends upon how you look. It makes you feel better. It’s a part of a healthy body, healthy spirit, and all of that goes together.”

These words define beauty by Co-Founder of DudleyQ+ hair care products Eunice M. Dudley. As the wife of Mr. Joe Dudley, she has contributed successfully to community and business endeavors. Now as the Executive Director of Dudley Cosmetology School, Mrs. Dudley reflects on what it takes to be successful and realizes that life brings changes.

The school managed by Dr. Eunice Dudley is in the heart of downtown Greensboro. Near public shelters, Dudley seeks opportunities to meet people and be of service. Through conversations with the homeless, Dudley recognizes there is more than what meets the eye. “You understand what they’re going through. It also gives the opportunity to know them realizing some are highly intelligent people,” she expresses. Dudley offers beauty school services to those in need from students. “People want to know that you care. Instead of telling them, they want you to show them you do.”

Dr. Eunice M. Dudley, the matriarch of Dudley hair care products.
Dr. Eunice M. Dudley, the matriarch of Dudley hair care products.

Mrs. Dudley is involved as a board member in various establishments and is grateful for the opportunity to give back. Born in Selma, Alabama she naturally creates relationships from a family with nine siblings. The Community Foundation of Greensboro is a favored initiative. Active on the committee for over 10 years, Eunice explains that housing is close to her heart. “I am interested in what is being done from mid to lower income individuals and helping people get affordable housing. Every house to become affordable is important.” Dudley hopes to build affordable housing.

As an entrepreneur, Eunice organizes civic work with The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. She supports the Greater Greensboro Division and is an advocate for local programs. Major efforts for youth programs are in the forefront for Dudley and her affiliations. “We are trying our best to help youngsters.” Committee members use literacy as an avenue to inspire and collaborates with recreation centers and group homes. The spelling bee competitions give away prizes and scholarships assisting young adults going off to college. “We are concerned about them at the earlier age. With a good foundation they will survive, learn and thrive.”

Comedian and Actor Chris Rock with Dudley Family before interview for the 2009 documentary film “Good Hair.”

Eunice has seen a change in herself over the years and acclaims her health and mentoring. As a 15-year breast cancer survivor she now prioritizes her challenges and then manages her response. “I was always stern, but things have changed. I realized that I wanted to live, do what’s necessary and stay calm.” Dudley was raised during the southern agricultural era involving tobacco and cotton. Much of the young population migrated into bigger cities to attend college. In 1976 Joe and Eunice moved from Greensboro to Chicago for guidance by Samuel B. Fuller, the black founder and president of Fuller Products Company. The business sold cosmetics and cleaning products door-to-door.

With advice from the entrepreneur and his wife, Joe and Eunice learned everything from sales techniques to child rearing. “The mentoring had a lot to do with us bringing up our children. It helped to transform thoughts and behavior.” They gained experience under another brand, Rose Morgan. The brand was named after the ex-wife of American professional boxer Joe Lewis. Eunice explains that Morgan had spas and beauty salons which were luxuries during the early 1960s. The couple would eventually move back to North Carolina becoming more involved in product distributorship. From there the Dudley empire began.

Dr. Eunice Dudley with daughter Ursula.
Dr. Eunice Dudley with daughter Ursula.

Dr. Dudley acknowledges that the internet and social media has changed work ethics with creative ways to earn income. “Many of the door-to-door days are over. When I started out door-to-door, I would walk 20 blocks to the sales meeting to save 15 cents.” It was the cost of a single bus pass. “There’s a difference in mentality on what should be done and should not be done.” She points out that careers like party planning, cooking, and even jewelry are tactics for direct sales. “It’s not the same as showing someone your product and then having to sell the item.” Eunice admits she likes to do things the old way and relates to older generations on technology. Before sending her an email, she’d prefer you pick up the phone and call. “I talk to people and don’t like answering machines that put me on hold.” Eunice admits she’s grasping social media and spends time on Facebook. However, it’s limited. “It’s so much work involved in being on Facebook.”

Dr. Dudley with models at Proud Lady Beauty Show.
Dr. Dudley with models at Proud Lady Beauty Show.

After a day at the beauty college or attending administration meetings, Eunice Dudley’s mission is to change lives in her own way. “When you take part in activities, whether it’s a program, a panel, a board or a committee people know that you care. I am happy to be in a position to do that.” Dudley believes influence goes far beyond education. “I have mentored individuals. It depends on the individual after you reached out how they feel about you or if they want to stay connected to you. It’s the personal touch you have with people.”
Dudley Cosmetology University is located at 519 S. Elm Street in Greensboro, North Carolina. For more information, visit DudleyQ+ products.

Stephanie Feggins is an author, digital content specialist and blogger. She enjoys women's lifestyle, business and entertainment topics.
Stephanie Feggins is an author, digital content specialist and blogger. She enjoys women’s lifestyle, business and entertainment topics.