Love is a DIY Job


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Love is a DIY Job!

Around this time of the year when ‘love is in the air’, many sisters feel left out.

Have you been on your own too long? Are you tired of spending your time alone? Are you looking for a love that’s true, someone to call your very own?

“What’s stopping me from attracting True Love?” you may be wondering.

The truth is, Love is a Do It Yourself job!

What do I mean by that?

In order to ATTRACT True Love, you must first develop it within yourself; see, many people say they’re ‘looking for love’, but have you looked WITHIN?

Let me take you through the process of attracting True Love, as laid out in my poem ‘Love Attraction’:

‘First, I must heal myself from the emotional damage caused by past relationships; the hurt, the pain, the wounds that keep opening up again and again. Each time I’m reminded of a negative experience, it starts a chain reaction; I lash out, shout and scream, say words I don’t mean, and before I know it, I’m alone again!’

Can you relate?

If you haven’t healed from your past negative relationship experiences, and you enter into a new one, you will only overlay your emotional issues unto your new relationship, and ruin it before it even has the chance to get off the ground!

I must learn to drop the emotional baggage I’ve been carrying around for years, let go of all my insecurities and fears, releasing bitterness, hurt and pain so I can heal from within, and learn to love and trust again.

Then, I must BE the love I seek for myself. I must Love my Self unconditionally,
And treat myself how I’d like others to treat me. When I fill my Self up with Love, I’ll become a Love Magnet, attracting that which I am!’

Self Love has to come first,
Because if I don’t find Love within,
How can I accept it from him?
Besides, I cannot give what I haven’t got,
So when I learn to love my Self in all my natural beauty
The person I meet will simply be a reflection of me!

When you truly love, respect, and honor yourself, others will reflect that back to you. You cannot expect others to show you love, respect and commitment, if you don’t commit to loving, honoring and respecting yourself. Set standards for yourself and don’t break them. Commit to loving yourself from the inside out, not the outside in, and then you will naturally attract True Love!

‘I believe in a Love so true, but I know I’ve got work to do
And I know that when I’m ready,
My True Love will come to me.

I believe in a Love so real, someone with whom I can feel
Open and unrestrained
And with him I can trust again….

Now I trust and let go because I know that

© Cezanne Poetess

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Cezanne Taharqa (aka Cezanne Poetess) is an award-winning Visual & Spoken Word Artist, Author, Blogger, Events Host and Workshop Facilitator.
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